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ID Tags

ID Tags

Mark your property, your equipment, your path – and anything else! – with our durable, versatile ID Tags.

ID TagsRainbow Colors ID Tags are ideal for marking trails, laundry bags, lockers, animal cages, pipes, electrical wires, items in dishwashers and many other items. Our ID Tags are:

  • Constructed of durable, recyclable, polyethylene (1 5/8 “ diameter, 1 mm thick)
  • Available in 10 bright colors: green, maroon, yellow, light blue, orange, white, blue, grey, red, beige.
  • Waterproof
  • Markable – you can write directly on the matte, non-glare tag surface with a Sharpie permanent marker
  • Made in the USA

We sell the following to fasten ID Tags:

  • 3/4", 1", and 1 1/2" brass S-hooks
  • 1" and 1 1/2" zinc-coated S-hooks
  • 4" (red, blue, yellow, green, white & black), 8" and 12" nylon ties

ID Tags are $18 (plus shipping and handling) per package of 100 and can be ordered with a mix of colors. We give a 10% discount on orders of more than 1,000 tags, and a free Sharpie marker with every 400 tags. 4" nylon ties are $5/100; 3/4" brass S-hooks are $14/100.  See Buy Online order form for prices of other metal and nylon fasteners.

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