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Key Tags

Key Tags™

Keep track of all your keys with Key Tags™.

Key TagsPerfect for identifying a variety of keys, such as:

  • Cabin keys
  • Building keys
  • Locker room keys
  • Vehicle keys
  • And most keys

Our Key Tags are 1 5/8" diameter, 1 mm thick, made of durable polyethylene, are waterproof and markable with a Sharpie permanent marker, and are made in the USA.

Our Key Tags are $5 per dozen (plus shipping and handling) and come on 1" chrome colored split key rings with your choice of our 10 bright colored tags: green, maroon, yellow, light blue, orange, white, blue, grey, red, beige. Take advantage of the option to mix colors in each bag.  Now available in packages of 100 for $35/100 Key Tags!


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