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Ultraviolet Bead Bands

Ultraviolet (UV) Bead Bands™

A fun and safe way to keep children and adults aware of the sun's harmful rays

Ultraviolet Bead BandsExposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun may cause sunburn and skin cancer. Our UV Bead Bands™ remind children and adults to wear sunblock in strong sunlight. The beads change from white to a rainbow of colors when exposed to the sun. The stronger the sunshine the darker and more vibrant the colors become.

Our UV Bead Bands™ are fun and versatile. Because they are waterproof, they can be worn on the beach, at the pool, used while playing outdoor sports or on the playground. Collect all the colors or create your own unique band with a clever saying, nickname or your initials.

Have a party or a fundraiser? Our UV Bead Bands™ are great for fundraising events or birthday goody bags. May is always Skin Cancer Awareness Month and a great time to handout our UV Bead Bands.  Camps can sell UV Bead Bands in their camp stores, or give them away as prizes for cabin inspections, carnival days, and other special days! 

These bands are:

  • Constructed of durable, stretchable, and waterproof silicone
  • Available in a small/medium size, 6.75" in length (not stretched) that can stretch over most adult hands
  • Available in seven colors of silicone bands (fuchsia, pink, yellow, green, turquoise, lavender and black)
  • Customizable words such as DANCE, DREAM, FAITH, FUN, HAPPY, HOPE, LAUGH, LIVE, LUCKY, LOVE, NAMASTE, PEACE, PLAY, RELAX, SMILE (Words/acronyms need to be 3-7 letters)

UV Bead Bands™ are $2.45 each (plus shipping and handling). Discounts are available if UV Bead Bands are sold in stores, or as part of a fundraising program. We give a 10% discount ($2.20 each) on orders of 10-49 UV Bead Bands™, and 20% discount ($1.95) on orders of 50 or more.  Larger quantity discounts are also available - call Peter at 860-219-9819, and allow us to help you customize your UV Bead Bands!

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